MyOutcomes for Mental Health Agencies Presents a Powerful Professional Support Product

MyOutcomes for Mental Health Agencies Presents a Powerful Professional Support Product

Client care in mental health is a complex task. Making sure that each client receives great service and feels well served is the mission of all treatment facilities.

From the largest to the smallest operations, tools from MyOutcomes have helped countless professionals obtain needed support and training. Treatment experts will benefit from more organized patient records and notes while enjoying the peace of mind provided by advanced security features.

With categorized, thorough, and evidence-based data and reports, you can make better-informed decisions toward client outcomes.

What Is the MyOutcomes Measurement Tool?

Experts consider this device as the leading Partners for Change Outcome Management (PCOMS) tool available today. Used in conjunction with client-based treatment and therapy systems, the MyOutcomes measurement tool makes practices more efficient and also patient responsive.

What Features Does It Offer?
The measurement tool incorporates a number of helpful features for beginners and experienced users alike.

Responsive Patient Reporting
The MyOutcomes tool helps treatment professionals at mental health agencies collect data and produce reports with more efficiency and accuracy. Supervisors and others related to the case can enjoy the access they need while keeping information secure from all others.

User integration features encourage more transparent sharing of information so that those involved can better contribute to good patient outcomes.

More Accurate Patient Outcome Reports
Our device not only collects and categorizes data but it also assists in the analysis as well. Advanced algorithms do more than merely categorize and average data and other information. They also help to provide real-time and evidence-based reports on client development.

These services can help keep track of treatment decisions and their impact. It can also provide valuable insight shaping future options.

Features even allow for comparisons between client progress charts. It also offers client access when and where appropriate, as well as laptop and desktop dashboards.

On-Demand Training Available
Therapists and other mental health professionals can receive comprehensive on-demand training on how to use the device to its fullest potential.

Our Feedback Informed Treatment elearning system ensures that professionals are kept up to date on this type of treatment and how it involves PCOMS based tools. Professionals can learn what they need to know quickly from our educational resources.

Secure and Safe for All
One of the most important concerns in the health care sector comes from keeping data secure. Increasingly, those who gather, own, and use data are responsible for its security.

At MyOutcomes, we consider security the most important feature of any data collection device. For that reason, why meet or exceed all legal online security standards set by the United States, Canada, and the European Union. We work hard daily to earn your trust and confidence.

Reach Out for More Information

Learn more about the MyOutcomes measurement tool. Our expert and friendly staff can answer any questions you may have about our measurement tool or other products and services.

Let our advanced technology help to make your patient care easier, as well as more organized and accurate.