Does Feedback-Informed Treatment Work?

Does Feedback-Informed Treatment Work?

The truth is, it depends.

First, it depends on what you mean by Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT). If you think it means faithfully collecting session data your right, but if all you’re doing is collecting data you’re missing the point and your clients are missing the benefits.

Unfortunately just taking the time and resources to implement and routinely collect treatment progress and alliance ratings is so monumental for some that that is a far as it ever goes. And if the primary purpose of implementing FIT was to appease the regulatory and funding gods with outcome reports, then mission accomplished. End of story, except… you’re missing the point and your clients are missing the benefits.

If your goal is to improve outcomes, help clients get better faster and to know how to fail successfully then you and your Team are going to have to invest more time and effort than you planned for. YOU CAN NOT DOUBLE EFFECT SIZE IN A YEAR!

If any one says you can, they are lying. In the following free FIT implementation support resources created in 2016, Dr Scott Miller and I talk about a 5-7 year commitment, more recently based on the groundbreaking work of psychologist Heidi Brattland and her Team, the timeline has been reduced to 3 years and I am hopeful we can bring that down even more with adequate resources and careful planning. If you and your Team are thinking about implementing FIT or have tried and realize it is time to hit the restart button you will find this On Track Phase 1: Exploration video and workbook invaluable resources.

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