Things You May Not Know About MyOutcomes

Things You May Not Know About MyOutcomes

Most mental health professionals recognize MyOutcomes as one of the most efficient programs on the market for implementing PCOMS.

But there’s a lot of other wonderful things about MyOutcomes you may know about.

MyOutcomes is dedicated to helping mental health professionals stay connected with their patients. We designed our software to actively involve patients with their therapists, resulting in fewer drop-offs and higher engagement. Here are a few more interesting facts about our journey.

Cindy Hansen is the Executive Director of MyOutcomes and helped start the company in 2009.

Her extensive work in the mental health field gives her ample experience, knowledge, and application skills for the MyOutcomes program. Along with being a part of the MyOutcomes team since inception, Cindy Hansen was also the first female certified FIT trainer and continues to support mental health providers today. Her goal is to provide therapists access to ways to improve their patient retention and treatment efficacy.

MyOutcomes focuses on relationships.

The key to any good relationship is communication. And what better way to maintain a healthy relationship than to have open communication about how the patient feels their treatment is going? Our program allows patients to use a sliding scale rating system to identify how well they believe therapy is going. They can also notify their therapist if they believe there is room for improvement or how they feel about therapy topics. This check-in process allows therapists to keep a pulse on their client’s perspective, and keeps them engaged throughout their treatment plan.

Implementing therapist feedback improves treatment outcomes, 2.5x more than treatment as usual.

Discovering the root of an issue is just the beginning. Maintaining patient engagement and progress is even more work. And therapists who use MyOutcomes tend to see steady improvement in their patient’s symptoms. Their patients can easily identify areas of success, opportunities for growth, and tracking their progress. Identifying these growth areas and opportunities helps people understand how much therapy helps them, which encourages them to keep working with their therapist.

Patients can complete their MyOutcomes scoring in less than a minute.

With the day and age we live in, most people want to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. MyOutcomes kept this in mind when designing our program so that patients could fill out their feedback in a minute or less. This brevity allows patients to provide valuable feedback fast and then continue with their day, making participation much more manageable.

Implement MyOutcomes at your practice with FIT eLearning.

Why not use what works? If you’re curious about MyOutcomes and how it can improve quality and retention at your practice, your team can become trained with FIT eLearning. This training gives your therapists the tools they need to find growth areas, achieve greater outcomes, and have more efficient sessions with their patients.

Contact us today if you’re curious about MyOutcomes and want to learn more about how it can change your practice for the better.