How Management Systems Help Client Mental Health Outcomes

How Management Systems Help Client Mental Health Outcomes

One of the most common questions clients have in therapy is, “How do I know this is working?” During treatment, it’s hard to feel the progress made on a week to week basis. It’s also a challenge to look at therapy on a macro-level for both therapists and their clients. Using a mental health outcomes management system lets clients visualize their progress, while therapists can easily manage multiple clients through a secure and intuitive interface.

What are mental health outcomes management systems?
MyOutcomes is both an app and software through which you can effortlessly incorporate a proven progress tracking approach into your therapist-client sessions. MyOutcomes uses the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS), in a format that takes under a minute to assess your clients’ progress at the start of the session. The results are compared to predicted outcomes, giving you and your client a visual metric of their progress towards therapeutic goals.

MyOutcomes condenses the ORS into less than a minute, so evaluating weekly progress won’t eat into your session. Clients provide feedback through four scales of perceived progress:

  • Functioning on a personal level
  • Functioning in interpersonal relationships
  • Their functioning in general social interactions
  • Their functioning on a global level

Each week you’ll have a visual measure of progress to share with your clients. Mental health outcome management systems chart client feedback on a continuous graph, giving therapists an instant holistic look at their clients’ therapeutic progress since session one.

We also provide therapists with an innovative way to administer the Session Rating Scale, which allows clients to give feedback on every session through four metrics:

  • Relationship
  • Goals and topics
  • Approach or method
  • Overall

Clients use a sliding scale to rate how each session felt. The opportunity to provide this feedback allows clients and therapists to build a deeper therapeutic alliance, a critical predictor of therapy’s success.

Use a full toolbox of progress reports and client surveys.
Both the app and software provide you with a powerful array of reporting tools:

  • Interactive graphs.
  • Key performance indicators.
  • Outcome Rating Scale
  • Session Rating Scale

While client feedback is invaluable for honing your practice as a therapist, the awkwardness of face-to-face conversations often compromises the candidness of responses. Through MyOutcomes, you get meaningful insight from clients, so you’re able to direct future sessions towards success.

What’s the client’s experience through outcome management?
It can be a challenge for clients to feel their progress without quantifiable results. The in-session experience may not always feel like success. Using outcome management software, you can show clients data in an easy-to-understand way, tracking their progress towards their therapy goals.

It takes less than a minute at the start and close of the session for patients to use the sliding scale to evaluate how well the prior week and the current session went. You’re able to form a stronger bond with clients and adjust your approach and technique to better suit client needs.

For therapy clients who have felt unheard, off track, or had therapists miss the mark before, it’s an eye-opening experience to generate data towards building their own more effective therapy practice. The result is a client who is an empowered and active participant in therapy.

Ready to learn more about MyOutcomes?
We provide the resources for implementing a mental health outcome management system in your practice through FIT eLearning. With focused training, therapists can learn the powerful capability of MyOutcomes and how to transform their client session with higher engagement and visualized progress reports. If you’re ready to grow your practice, reach out to us today to learn more.