Telehealth and the future of therapy with top mental health software

Telehealth and the future of therapy with top mental health software

With the current state of the world and the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has grown with an exponential number of remote visits and billions of dollars have been designated to growing the industry. MyOutcomes provides top mental health software to telehealth therapy clinics in order to report advanced metrics, so we’re here to help you get up to speed on telehealth and the future of therapy.

What is telehealth?
Let’s start here. What exactly is telehealth? Any type of health education services or monitoring of vital signs that are done remotely is considered telehealth. This includes doctor-patient consults via video chat, remote monitoring of vital signs, and remotely prescribing treatments or medications.

What are the benefits of telehealth?
While some providers prefer to have in-person visits with patients, it’s been proven that telehealth provides a variety of benefits that include:

More access
Patients, especially in rural areas, have more access to providers via telehealth than in a traditional clinical setting. This allows care providers to offer a broader reach to patients in their area.

Improved patient engagement
By providing distance care, telehealth encourages self-care among patients. A provider cannot do the work for the patient, which helps patients to learn more about how they can take care of themselves and get lasting care. Additionally, care teams are able to follow up with patients more easily and report patient metrics.

Improved practice efficiency
Telehealth provides quicker and easier triage for patients. By implementing telehealth practices, unnecessary ER visits and mental health emergencies can be reduced.

Reduced overhead
By using telehealth software, costs that are involved with visits and measuring outcomes are cut. This also improves accessibility for cash-paying patients by lowering your costs.

Reduced patient no-shows
Whether your patients are miles away in a rural environment or simply busy with life, no-shows happen. Studies done this year have shown that the convenience of telehealth has dramatically reduced patient no-shows.

How does telehealth help mental health patients?
By providing more convenient healthcare services, telehealth offers improved access to mental health services. Patients who require mental health services are afforded more readily available quality care. Additionally, our top mental health software gives providers more easily measured outcomes to continue to provide individualized care for each patient.

What is the outlook for telehealth in mental health therapy?
The flexibility provided by telehealth has made mental health therapy one of the top fields to adopt telehealth technologies. With the pandemic continuing to make office visits a point of concern for many patients, telehealth is becoming a more and more viable option for your clinic. Top mental health software is available to continue to grow your ability to provide quality care to patients via telehealth.

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