4 Reasons Why MyOutcomes Will Help Your Clients

4 Reasons Why MyOutcomes Will Help Your Clients

It’s a challenge for therapists and counselors to get their clients to see the progress they’ve made in therapy. They may not feel as though they’re getting closer to their therapy goals, even when they’re working hard at every session. Self-improvement is incremental and rarely dramatic. Without the feeling that things are improving, many clients give up and drop out of therapy early or just stop trying during sessions.

At MyOutcomes, we wanted people in therapy to see their improvement. And to do so without taking valuable time away from individual sessions while reflecting on the progress they’ve made. That’s why we developed our user-friendly software that provides two metrics for therapists and patients:

  • Outcome Rating Scale: compares client responses to a quick survey with accumulated data to evaluate weekly therapy progress.
  • Session Rating Scale: a four-item scale that measures client feelings about the therapist-client relationship and therapy process.

These two surveys from MyOutcomes help clients in the following four significant ways.

  1.  Therapists and counselors see a 42% increase in therapy’s effectiveness.
    Not every therapy technique works the same for every client. But not everyone feels comfortable bringing up their concerns with their therapist or counselor. Most people fear an awkward face-to-face conversation articulating that they don’t feel like therapy is working. Instead, they simply drop out of the process early.Through MyOutcomes, clients can express when they don’t feel productive and receive quantitative data showing the weeks where therapy felt effective. The MyOutcomes surveys take less than a minute to administer, and the result is you and your clients waste less time with ineffective techniques.
  2. Better engagement and fewer early drop-outs from therapy and counseling.
    Clients become more engaged with the therapeutic process when they are working in cooperation with their therapist or counselor to find methods and strategies that work. Plus, it’s rewarding for clients to see their progress. Weekly sessions are a brief snapshot of clients’ lives, so MyOutcomes allows therapists and clients to record and visualize data over the long term.
    Clients are less likely to drop out because they’re experiencing a slump for a few weeks when they can see grand-scale progress.
  3. Investing in your clients’ success is investing in your success.
    The best way to grow your practice is through the success of your clients. With MyOutcomes you’re able to forge more meaningful therapist-client relationships and reinforce the trust and honesty you’ve already established. A more successful client base provides you with the opportunity to expand your practice, supported by MyOutcomes software.
  4. Quantitative data motivates clients with a tangible measure of their progress.
    A single 50-minute session isn’t always sufficient to celebrate a client’s achievements while also addressing their concerns for the week. Feeling as though they’re “failing” at therapy is a common experience among clients. The MyOutcomes process takes less than a minute out of your session. In exchange, it offers clients quantitative data compared against three-quarters of a million other administrations of the survey.Seeing their progress motivates clients to keep taking part in therapy, even when they have the occasional slow or unproductive session.

If you’re interested in incorporating MyOutcomes into your therapy or counseling practice, book a consultation.

Adding feedback software to your existing practice might feel overwhelming; that’s why our dedicated trainers provide free consultations and free trials of the equipment. Or just reach out for a quote to get you started.

We’re mental health professionals who are serious about providing practitioners and clients with the tools they need to see measurable progress through therapy. Working with our technology, we’re confident you’ll see improved engagement with your clients and less drop-out. Contact our customer service team to find out how.

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