What is the MyOutcomes FIT eLearning platform?

What is the MyOutcomes FIT eLearning platform?

Telehealth is a big part of the future of the healthcare industry. However, physical clinics will continue to operate as the standard for patient care. Because of the hybrid future that healthcare providers will need to learn to work with, programs like the MyOutcomes team have established a FIT eLearning platform to help train care providers to prepare for the future. Keep reading to see what our platform can do for you and your providers.

Understanding PCOMS and FIT
With the 12 interactive courses that come with our eLearning platform, your team of providers can get fully trained on what it means to implement data-driven therapy for patients. They’ll be well-versed in how to gather the data then what it means to interpret and apply it.

Measure progress toward goals
As the results of each session are measured, your clinic can get a clearer idea of your progress toward each client’s goals. Your metrics will give you answers as to whether you’re progressing, moving backward, or standing still on your goals. These measurements can help you find areas to improve your treatment and procedures.

Provides real-time feedback and session alerts
With real-time feedback, you can find out if your treatment process is effective or not. You can continue to track this data over time to find the most effective treatment methods for your patients by making adjustments to bring the best possible results.

It’s not uncommon for sessions to get off track. A simple red, yellow, green signaling system can help to keep your session moving in the right direction. An adaptation of this system will allow you to keep your client moving in the right direction during each session, which helps you to provide better care in the end.

Measures engagement
A big part of treatment falls on the patient. While there’s no fail-proof method to measure their engagement, you can do your best with MyOutcomes. Our platform makes it easy to measure how much patients are or are not engaging in the prescribed therapy. Data reporting provides insights into patient engagement and how it relates to providing care. The feedback will help to provide you with feedback to encourage such engagement.

Helps clinicians stay up-to-date
With our real-time reporting and feedback, your clinicians can stay up-to-date on what is and is not working for their patients. MyOutcomes makes it easy to quickly and efficiently tweak therapy plans to meet the unique needs of each patient that they see. Furthermore, we provide 12 interactive lessons to keep your mental health professionals current on the latest in telehealth technology and FIT competencies.

Furthermore, our 12 interactive lessons are specifically designed to keep your physicians current on the latest in telehealth technology and FIT competencies. By participating in our FIT eLearning, your Team will be rewarded with 12 CE credits toward their license renewal.

Improve your therapy with MyOutcomes
MyOutcomes provides a comprehensive FIT eLearning platform to help you improve your processes and treatment. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you implement our platform to improve your online and in-person clinic. You can reach us via our online contact form.