Why Everyone Can Benefit from an Outcome Rating Scale

Why Everyone Can Benefit from an Outcome Rating Scale

Therapy is a unique process that looks and feels different for everyone. No matter the approach you take in your practice, you and your patients can benefit from implementing the Outcome Rating Scale in your sessions. It’s fast to administer and puts quantifiable data to what can otherwise feel too amorphous to measure. Many mental health professionals and clients wonder if substantial improvement is happening. The ORS is a measure of how clients are responding to therapy.

The MyOutcomes application of the Outcome Rating Scale helps you and your client keep a high-level perspective on therapy’s overall success, regardless of the occasional static session. Even clients who fully embrace treatment and experience quick improvement can benefit from the Outcome Rating Scale.

The Outcome Rating Scale can keep sessions on track.

Instead of limiting the ORS to the session’s start, reference it to relate the discussion to the client’s feelings during the week. The ORS can help provide a more significant structure through individual sessions and set intentions for the upcoming week.

It can be easy for clients new to therapy to lose sight of their original goals. They may not feel their voice guiding the conversation while unpacking issues. MyOutcomes allows them a non-confrontational way to re-center their objectives and maintain focus in individual sessions.

The ORS allows you to visualize changes with data.

Often in therapy, something may not feel like it’s working when in actuality, it’s implemented effective changes in a client’s life. Finding effective strategies within a client’s current capabilities that also empower future growth is hard. But when you’re able to see quantifiable differences – both positive and negative – with the Outcome Rating Scale, you’re able to serve your clients better.

Participants in therapy can see through the MyOutcomes metrics the areas in their lives that are improving and stagnating. Instead of relying on memory, you can look back over weeks and months to see change taking place.

Using MyOutcome can empower clients through the ORS.

Self-reporting through the ORS lets the client’s goals remain central within individual sessions and therapy overall. They’re able to articulate the areas of their life where they want to focus the therapeutic process. Without the Outcome Rating Scale, some clients easily derail from their objectives and lose sight of their initial goals for therapy.

Engaging with the ORS through the MyOutcomes software at the start of a session allows patients space to reflect on the issues they’re struggling with for the week and bring them to the session’s forefront.

Use the ORS to implement ongoing goals for clients.

People will often drop out of therapy when they start to feel better or see the initial issue that brought them to treatment as resolved. Self-improvement and actualization are ongoing processes. While clients resolve superficial issues, they gain the skills necessary to go deeper and empower future growth. The ORS can help you scale your practice by retaining clients as they experience tangible improvement in their lives.

The ORS presents four aspects to clients, Individual, Interpersonal, Social, and Overall. As clients see improvement in one area of their life, it allows them space to address the concerns they may not have initially brought into the discussion. Using the ORS, you’re able to respond to dynamic concerns and implement ongoing goals.

Simplify and improve your practice’s in-person and telehealth outcome reporting with real-time feedback through MyOutcomes.

MyOutcomes is an easy-to-use software designed to improve the client-patient relationship in therapy. You can access powerful reporting tools, instant feedback, and complete integration on your current device.

Take your practice to the next level with quantifiable data and accurate metrics. Contact us for more about the MyOutcomes software and how it can benefit your patients.