Is telehealth better than in-person therapy?

Is telehealth better than in-person therapy?

As the need for health care services increases, mental health professionals are communicating more with patients through the Internet than ever before. We are always finding new ways to make access to mental health care more convenient for patients.

Through telehealth, you can find psychotherapy online any time of day. Telehealth serves as an extension to primary care. While in-person psychotherapy is still very much needed for certain patients, there are many benefits of telehealth that appeal to a broad range of patients.

Telehealth increases access

Using the Internet, therapy patients use digital technologies such as live video conferencing, health apps on a smart device, or smart monitoring to access psychotherapy services, among other health care needs. From the comfort of your own home or office, your clients can engage in live, face-to-face counseling sessions with therapists over the Internet using any accessible device.

Patients who do not have the ability to access in-person visits, whether they live in rural areas or are not physically well to travel, can access important mental health-related information, services, and medical care directly from you as a provider. Our data shows access to therapy through our telehealth services strengthens client engagement, increases the number of successful outcomes, and reduces early dropouts.

Telehealth saves time

Both providers and patients save time through telehealth technology. Patients typically have access to view test results, schedule appointments, access previous appointment summaries, talk to doctors or nurses, or request prescription refills online through a digital patient portal.

For patients living in rural areas, they save hours of traveling time after several sessions. Patients don’t have to worry about waiting rooms, and providers can save time they would be spending cleaning waiting areas or waiting for patients to arrive. Instead, sessions are done at a scheduled time from anywhere with a connection to the Internet.

Telehealth saves money

Studies have shown that online counseling presents the same benefits as in-personal counseling sessions, though the cost of online therapy is lower. As patients find successful treatment online, practices save money, too with data-driven solutions.

Patients who have anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, or other behavioral health issues can benefit from telehealth in between office visits. Telehealth services are well suited for individuals that struggle with other mental health struggles, including:

  • Stress management
  • Relationship issues
  • Trauma
  • Sleep issues

Looking to find psychotherapy online?

If you’re a medical professional in search of trusted telehealth software for your patients, MyOutcomes offers easy-to-use software that:

  • Simplifies routine outcome monitoring
  • Measures treatment progress session-by-session
  • Provides real-time feedback and session alerts
  • Mesures engagement in the therapeutic process

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a large health care agency, we offer data-driven software designed to meet your needs. Small practices can establish a full client base through Feedback informed treatment (FIT) and other tools that improve results.

MyOutcomes can handle all the moving parts of large agencies and health centers, from government compliance regulations to managing day-to-day therapeutic relationships. We use analyzable data to improve the effectiveness of each clinician.

Reach out to us to learn about our free trial or request more information. We’re here to help.