MyOutcomes – An Essential Mental Health Management Solution

MyOutcomes An Essential Mental Health Management Solution

In the fast-evolving sector of mental health change is certain.

Clients join agencies. Clients leave agencies. Sometimes, they return. Sometimes they return and need to be accessed by a different administrative branch or have their case transferred to a different therapist/counsellor. Managing clients can be daunting.

The design of other client management systems often doesn’t fit the daunting, real-world experience it is trying to capture.

MyOutcomes has earned its position as the gold standard psychotherapy outcome tracking and reporting system by constantly innovating. By collecting and analyzing feedback from our users, as well as working closely with leading experts in the mental health field, MyOutcomes has the necessary tools for making account management easy.

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Did you know there are now four new ways to collect outcome and session ratings from clients? Or that we have added a custom message field to personalize the communications to your clients?

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If you have been exploring ways to strengthen client engagement, increase successful outcomes, shorten wait lists and reduce dropouts, please take advantage of our expertise and contact us to explore how MyOutcomes can help your team help more clients, more often.