4 Reasons to Use Psychotherapy Feedback Measures

4 Reasons to Use Psychotherapy Feedback Measures

In the field of psychotherapy, patient experience is the foundation of quality care. In recent years, we have seen a surge in digital alternatives to in-person medical services. Telehealth platforms enable therapists and counsellors to reach a broader range of people via secure video conferencing appointments. This innovation in patient care gave rise to another form of digital optimization in the healthcare industry. Today, therapists and counsellors can utilize MyOutcomes software to collect feedback from patients after their sessions.

Outcomes software is by far the most convenient, effective method of gathering information. But you may be wondering, why should I implement psychotherapy feedback measures into my practice? Below we have listed the top four reasons why clinicians everywhere are benefiting from real-time feedback from their patients.

Track progress

In psychotherapy, there are many methods which healthcare professionals use to measure the progress of their patients. One way to track the progression of the patient’s treatment is to hear from them directly. Feedback measures can be tailored to the individual’s particular health issue, so that they are prompted with questions that give the therapist or counsellor a better idea of their progress. These reports will be used to guide subsequent sessions, and tailor healthcare services to the individual’s needs. As psychotherapy sessions continue, healthcare workers can use the recorded data as a highly tangible way to comprehend the effects of their services.

Reduce no-show appointments

Psychotherapy is an incredibly subjective experience, and client retention is difficult to predict if you do not have the correct measures in place. With outcomes software and other means of feedback collection, patients become integrated into the treatment process, and benefit from a more personalized form of health care. By maintaining an additional line of communication via feedback measures, patients are far more likely to show up for their appointments, or notify the facility in the event of a cancellation. In turn, therapists and counsellors can maintain an up-to-date schedule so that no appointment times are wasted on no-shows. This extra measure also promotes client retention by giving the patient more control over their treatment. Combining outcomes software with other forms of technology such as online scheduling makes it easy for clinicians to focus on providing the best patient care.

Improve professional relationships

Any tool that allows further communication between the patient and therapist/counsellor will inevitably improve the professional relationship. By providing feedback after each session, patients can inform healthcare workers of their experience, and help identify overlooked flaws in the treatment process. Patients often report feeling more comfortable giving their feedback digitally as opposed to speaking about their experiences in person. This structured form of data collection opens the door for healthcare professionals to receive more honest assessments of their services, and adjust treatments accordingly.


Encourage feedback

The more that medical clinics request post-session feedback, the more open patients will be to flagging problems or commenting on positive aspects of their treatment when necessary. This is highly advantageous to the medical community, which is constantly striving to improve the patient experience. Introducing outcomes software sends a message to patients that their opinions are valuable, and that constructive criticism is welcomed if they do not feel that the treatment has been successful. Over time, this information can help clinicians tailor each of their services based on feedback from sufferers of those disorders.

MyOutcomes is an end-to-end outcomes software, built to transform the behavioral sciences and promote patient-forward care. If you are looking for a way to collect real feedback from patients of psychotherapy in a timely manner, do not hesitate to book a consultation today.