Four Main Benefits of MyOutcomes

Four Main Benefits of MyOutcomes

Are you committed to improving the mental health of your clients? MyOutcomes can help behavioral health agencies by:  1) strengthening the therapeutic alliance, 2) increasing successful outcomes, 3) reducing dropouts, and 4) shortening wait lists.

MyOutcomes helps therapists and counselors provide treatment and care that is tailor-made for their clients. In physical healthcare, there is usually a specific medication or course-of-action that addresses a particular concern.  The scope of mental health care varies based on individuals themselves who are products of their environment, upbringing, socio-economic status, culture, religion, innate qualities, and so on. It is for this reason no one mental health treatment is best–treatments are as varied as individuals.

Evidence-based practices bridge the gap between what a therapist thinks is best and what actually does work for the client.  One such popular and effective evidence based treatment (EBT) is Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT).  At the heart of FIT are the Session Rating Scale (SRS) and Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) tools, which help therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals pick the best approach and make informed decisions while providing care.

Easy to administer and deploy in daily clinical practice, MyOutcomes’ SRS and ORS target four important aspects of psychotherapeutic care:

  1. Strengthen the therapeutic alliance – MyOutcomes’ FIT tools help track the progress of clients. Therapists/Counselors are made more aware of clients’ experiences, which lets them take adequate measures to improve care and outcomes. By eliciting feedback, therapists/counselors invite clients to be more involved in the process. When clients are more engaged, they feel more seen, heard, and understood. This increased client engagement helps strengthen the therapist-client relationship, which is a significant factor in increasing positive outcomes.
  2. Increase Successful Outcomes – The SRS and ORS tools are designed to help therapists/counselors foresee the trajectory of client’s outcome at every step. The therapist/counselor is able to gauge what’s working and what isn’t, and this helps determine the best course of action for their clients, increasing overall effectiveness.
  3. Reduce Drop-outs – Patients dropping-out early in the treatment process is a common problem in the mental health care industry.  By providing treatment that is working for the clients, and seeing how clients are responding through elicited feedback, therapists increase successful outcomes and reduce drop-outs early on.
  4. Shorten Wait Lists – The decision to seek therapy itself is brave enough. The last thing someone seeking help wants is to wait for their turn to have a one-on-one with a therapist/counselor. Being more effective in a practice means more people receive positive treatment.  This leads to more successful conclusions, which opens up spaces and, therefore, reduces wait lists.

MyOutcomes is a pioneer in facilitating evidence and science-based psychotherapy measures MyOutcomes seeks to help behavioral health agencies improve clinical excellence, mental well-being, and works towards building a more robust and effective mental health care and psychotherapy system.

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