Can you garnercandid feedback from clients?

Can you garnercandid feedback from clients?

Getting good, accurate feedback, session by session is a must for all psychotherapist/counselors.

Getting good, accurate feedback session by session is a must. Sometimes clients may fear having the face-to-face discussions with their therapist or wonder if their words are really being heard. In most cases, clients new to therapy have little to no awareness about the commitment, dedication and engagement required from both sides.

Therapy works when both parties are equally involved and engaged. For this, it is necessary to align both the parties. How can we achieve this alignment?

The objective of evidence based practices is to establish a common ground that can result through evidence-based feedback-informed treatment (FIT). Through feedback-informed treatment tools such as Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS), therapists can garner instant and regular feedback from their clients before and after each session. This helps map the future course of the treatment The frequency of the 4-question surveys helps the client feel like they are participating in their treatment and it’s not just a formality.

The MyOutcomes FIT tools, SRS and ORS give the client an opportunity to share their thoughts to foster a more robust therapeutic relationship. By giving patients a voice in therapy, the therapist/counselor creates a more engaging partnership. A good therapeutic relationship is a determining factor of successful therapy. With the use of SRS and ORS tools, the therapist can be in sync with the current thoughts, reservations and concerns of their client. This allows them to alter their therapy course/plan to address the needs and concerns of the client.

Another reason to incorporate SRS and ORS tools in therapy is to be systematic and objective while garnering feedback. As opposed to casual feedback gathering, the MyOutcomes SRS and ORS tools are designed to gain feedback that can be measured and evaluated; from which the therapist/counselor can make more confident decisions.

Easy to administer, the MyOutcomes SRS and ORS tools result in better outcomes by reducing drop-outs through instant real-time, measurable feedback.

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