Plug and Play with MyOutcomes

Plug and Play with MyOutcomes

An all-in-one solution is possible! Easily integrate your EHR with MyOutcomes today using Plug and Play.

Many therapists/councelors are looking to move their agencies to become evidence based.  To become evidence based is a journey.  At the heart of this journey is MyOutcomes.  MyOutcomes, with more than 500,000 sessions recorded, is one of two measures that has been approved by the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs.

One of the barriers agencies face – is to convince therapists/councelors to use additional software outside of their EHR.  No one wants to have to remember another username and password or spend valuable time on duplicate data entry.

The answer to this conundrum is to integrate MyOutcomes into your existing EHR – this will stop the double duty in maintaining multiple systems.  An all-in-one practice management solution is possible with MyOutcomes Plug and Play solution.

Find out more about Plug and Play by booking a consultation – we believe this would be time worthwhile spent.

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