How to Reach your Pinnacle of Success in Therapy?

How to Reach your Pinnacle of Success in Therapy?

How much time do mental health professionals spend on improving their skills? How much room for improvement is there, really? How can you measure improvement to see if you’re actually getting better?

Being a therapist is not easy! It involves years of hard work, perseverance, and diligence before someone becomes a behavioral health professional.

Research shows that most therapists get into the profession in order to help people. The pleasure and satisfaction they get from seeing their clients’ quality of life improve as they overcome their psychological problems gives their lives added meaning.

However, once therapists reach their goals in being able to help people, improvement tends to stagnate. This is, in part, due to therapists not realizing just how much more room there is for them to grow. Research shows that about 90% of the therapists consider themselves to be in the top 25%–which clearly cannot be true. And if one believes themselves to be among the best in all of their profession, is there a desire to constantly improve? Probably not, considering most think they’re among the best.

But constant improvement is necessary in all fields, not just psychotherapy. In order to improve, one must assess, as objectively as possible, just exactly where their skills are at. How do therapists do so? And what should they do to ensure that their clients experience positive change as well?

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