How to Grow Your Practice with MyOutcomes

How to Grow Your Practice with MyOutcomes

With a growing number of individuals seeking therapeutic services over the past few years, counselors need better access to tools that help them grow their practice and effectively serve clients.
At MyOutcomes, we offer clinical measures to help improve the therapeutic alliance between therapist and client. At the heart of the clinical measures is Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT). You can not only provide informed solutions to your clients, but you can continue growing your practice to accommodate a wide variety of client needs.

Why Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) Matters

While we all try our best to minimize bias in clinical settings, we’re still prone to our personal biases. It’s not uncommon for there to sometimes be a disconnect between what a client is communicating, a counselor’s recommendations, and the outcome of a session. No matter how experienced or well-versed a counselor may be, clients know themselves and what they’re experiencing in your practice more so than you. This is why Feedback Informed Treatment is so important.

For starters, it helps reduce the guesswork and develop a more thorough understanding of where your clients are each session, and if your partnership and goals are in alignment with each other.

In addition, MyOutcomes enables you to immediately assess if your clients are getting the most they can from your practice. Because MyOutcomes emphasizes tracking and measurements of a client’s feedback, this allows you to discuss where improvements to sessions can be made, and ultimately, help you develop a more personalized treatment plan.

When clients receive treatment that’s most suited to their needs, they’re far more likely to experience effective, and lasting results from their therapeutic journey. For a counselor, this means their practice is equipped to provide better support to clients, but it can also mean more client referrals.

MyOutcomes’ FIT tool utilizes two systems of measurement to help you identify where misalignment could be taking place.

Outcome Rating Scale

The Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) aims to measure changes or improvements to a client’s mood and well-being following a therapeutic session. ORS involves measurements on a sliding scale of four different areas of a client’s life such as: Individually, Interpersonally, Socially, and Overall. The goal of the ORS is to provide a quantifiable measurement for a client over time and to open up channels of communication with a client to help understand when their progress or outcomes haven’t improved.

Because the ORS is self-measured and completed at the beginning or end of a session, a therapist and counselor can immediately get a sense of how their clients are feeling, and thus facilitate a more productive session in the future.

Session Rating Scale

While the ORS focuses on measuring the outcome of individual therapeutic sessions, the Session Rating Scale helps measure the overall quality of experience a client is participating in at your practice. The SRS asks clients to rate their relationship with their counselor, if they believe appropriate goals and topics are being discussed, if a therapist’s current approach is the right one for them, as well as an overall assessment of their recent sessions.

In short, the SRS provides insight into the therapeutic alliance between client and counselor through measured data.

If you’re ready to see how MyOutcomes can help your practice and clients thrive, you can schedule a 30 minute consultation. See Contact page.

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