How to Incorporate  FIT Outcomes into Your Sessions

How to Incorporate FIT Outcomes into Your Sessions

To deliver the best care to their clients, therapists and counselors should create a space where client feedback is welcomed and heard. A MyOutcomes web application helps a therapist’s practice by giving them a tool to both record and analyze client feedback seamlessly.

What Does Feedback-Informed Treatment Involve?

Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) centers on the exchange of feedback between a client and therapist to improve the care provided. By allowing a client to record their feedback at the beginning and end of a session, therapists and counselors can gain immediate, actionable insight into the effectiveness of their practice, and improve in areas where their approach may be falling short.
Creating a space where clients are encouraged to share their feedback can significantly enhance the benefits they experience from therapy sessions, and ensure that therapists are continuously aware of their biases and assumptions.

The Importance of FIT

Perhaps the biggest challenge therapists and counselors face is determining the effectiveness of their practice. Most commonly, therapists rely on their clinical judgement and assumptions to form their understanding of the therapeutic alliance and their clients’ progress.

However, therapists often have a different view of the therapeutic alliance than that of their clients. And, since client perceptions of the alliance may be a better predictor of outcome than a counselor’s perceptions, creating a regular system of feedback is crucial for clients to achieve positive outcomes.

FIT benefits a practice in several ways:

  • Improves retention rates in therapy
  • Reduces no-show appointments
  • Achieves better patient outcomes
  • Lower deterioration rates

An Overview of MyOutcomes

Implementing FIT into your practice can come with a few obstacles. Perhaps most importantly, both you and your clients need a way to easily, and quickly, record and view entered feedback. Respecting each other’s time helps you both keep your focus on the sessions themselves. That’s why MyOutcomes centers on incorporating the two most important parts of FIT into your practice: the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).

By accessing MyOutcomes on a tablet, your clients can enter their feedback on both their overall emotional well-being and outcomes experience, as well as how effective your current approach is. Both the ORS and SRS are brief, four-question surveys that implement a sliding scale for clients to rate themselves. At the beginning of each session, a client will complete the ORS survey, and at the end of the session, a client will complete an SRS survey.

The biggest benefit of MyOutcomes isn’t just its convenience — it’s the collection, and organization of your client’s feedback data that you can continuously monitor. Over time, you might notice certain trends, or be able to recognize when a client may be at risk of quitting therapy. Overall, you’ll gain a more objective, well-rounded perspective on the therapeutic alliance and the effectiveness of your approach, making MyOutcomes immensely beneficial for both you, and your clients.

Get Started with MyOutcomes Today

MyOutcomes is a feedback-informed treatment software that’s meant to help your practice grow and improve, not hinder it with additional administrative work. MyOutcomes takes away the need to set aside extensive time for recording client feedback, and it takes out the guesswork of determining a strong therapeutic alliance.

Furthermore, training can be provided after signing up. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more.