Academic Training Programs and MyOutcomes/FIT

Academic Training Programs and MyOutcomes/FIT

Graduate students stepping into counseling may be bearing the weight of the mental health crisis.  Not only do these counseling programs prepare students for what they need to know today, but also for tomorrow. The key to this preparation is knowing that the use of evidence-based tools and outcome measures will be central to providing mental health support in the 21st century.

MyOutcomes, the original program for electronically administering and collecting data from the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS), is designed to easily integrate into the feedback-informed treatment (FIT) model of therapy.  At the heart of MyOutcomes, is the concept of giving clients a voice by way of feedback.

MyOutcomes has, from its start, supported the training of future therapists/clinicians. Here are a few of the things MyOutcomes offers to educational/training institutions:

  • Special pricing for programs training graduate students, interns, and postdocs.
  • Students, interns and postdocs have complete access to all provider functionalities.
  • Free FIT eLearning for all students, interns, and postdocs. FIT eLearning is a self-paced, 12-module, accredited training program taught by Dr. Scott D. Miller.
  • Premium customer support for anyone associated with MyOutcomes: program chairs, professors, supervisors, mentors, students, interns, or postdocs.

Some of MyOutcomes’ key features:

  • The ORS, which measures the client’s perceptions of their socio-psychological functioning, and the SRS, which measures the therapeutic alliance, can be administered, and scored in less than a minute.
  • Advanced reporting features with functionality for breaking data down into subgroups.
    Telehealth functionality.
  • Nearly three million administrations of the ORS enable reliable predictions of typical progress for clients entering treatment with their level of distress.
  • Over 13 clinical trials have demonstrated a 25% increase in therapeutic effectiveness when using FIT.

By purchasing MyOutcomes, your students are one step closer to being able to participate in an evidence-based practice. Sign up here.