Why psychological outcomes measurement is important for mental health practitioners

To see progress, one needs to have a comparative analysis of the past and the present. It’s an age-old practice that in order to have a better perspective of required efforts and loopholes you need to track your work consistently. Hence, to stay on the right track it’s essential to track your work, goals and progress on a regular basis.

This is the case with all of our transformational endeavors, be it getting physically fit, getting better test scores, creating sleep hygiene to tackle insomnia etc. Similarly, psychological outcome measurement is helpful in monitoring a client’s progress and the effectiveness of the psychological therapies. The concept of tracking a client’s mental health progress is an established principle of mental health care agencies.

Mental health outcome measures
There are tools that help in tracking the changes that occur during the mental health journey. They track the changes by recording the metrics under different areas of the client’s therapy. Such administration and monitoring can be done on daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis. Various points must be considered to ensure the effectiveness of the therapy:

  • Make the measurement through tools as accurate as possible;
  • Be open to making changes if necessary;
  • Don’t generalize the population like adults, adolescents, kids etc;
  • Don’t use a common treatment setting as all are different.

Benefits of psychological outcomes measurement
As the communication gap between the therapist and the client decreases, the treatment is more effective for a longer time period. The benefits that flow from incorporating outcome measures in mental health are direct and intuitive. If the professional tracks and records patients’ health and symptoms, then in most cases, the diagnosis is accurate and the treatment that follows is effective.

It is recognized that measurement-based care offers important information and insight into the patient’s mental and behavioral health. Some of such advantages are:

  • Tracks whether or not a patient’s treatment is generating positive and effective impact;
  • Evaluates the benefits of the treatment and therapy sessions in a quantifiable manner;
  • Improved patient outcomes and better-quality care;
  • Precedence and references for future cases. Generates data for other parties;
  • Reveals the value of the existing treatment to the patient;
  • Psychological outcomes measurement keeps the clients engaged, making the session interactive and, therefore, more beneficial for both parties.

It is proven that consistent outcome monitoring in therapy can ensure better outcomes. It also tends to decrease the cost.

MyOutcomes when used in clinical settings can increase the efficacy of any mental health agency resource. The software integrated under MyOutcomes is Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT). This technology was created to improve the quality of the therapeutic sessions. It ensures that the client and the clinician are on the same page as we consider their clinical goals.

Outcome Rating Scales (ORS) and Session Rating Scales (SRS) are used within MyOutcomes and help in measuring the client’s perspective before and after therapy. It also tracks the improvements if any. It has been proven now for two decades that ORS and SRS are reliable as well as highly effective as a therapeutic instruments. They are simple for any therapist to incorporate into their daily practices.

MyOutcomes takes less than a minute to administer. The straightforward and brief nature of ORS makes it feasible, easy to understand and easy for clients to use. This quick and short feedback mechanism improves the quality of the next therapy sessions immensely.

MyOutcomes is a responsive, advanced and feasible reporting platform. It ensures that session by session a client’s data is collected and then the output data is analyzed for a diversified conclusion. This also makes the practitioner’s methods and therapy tools transparent while making the client feel more trusting of his or her therapist.

MyOutcomes also uses an integration feature for administrative supervision, making the management of practitioners more efficient.

MyOutcomes offers training for sustainable execution in the form of courses and eLearning.

With advanced levels of science and technology, mental health practices by professionals are only getting better. Choose the right psychological measurement tools for accurate reports and results. Incorporate engagement-based measurement care into your practice and secure more clients that can rely on you and transform into long-term relationships. New age apps and tools will help you adjust your treatment for better growth and client-centered care.

Choose MyOutcomes and witness the growth of your therapeutic practices today.