Why Feedback from Clients is Critical

Psychological outcome measurement tools are essential to counselors/therapists. Think of it as a signaling system that tells you when you are “on” or “off” track. At the heart of these signals is feedback from your client, session by session. Without a signaling system, a counselor/therapist is providing therapy based on “feel” or, general impressions from the client, which isn’t always accurate. With a signaling system, you’re giving clients a “voice” as part of the therapy process.

Benefits Of Getting Feedback From Clients- – – Using Psychological Measurement Tools
When choosing a measurement tool, it is key to ensure the tool incorporates client feedback. Without feedback from your client, the counselor or agency needs to ask themselves what they are measuring. Are they measuring at all? At MyOutcomes, it’s all about the Therapeutic Alliance – the stronger the connection between client/therapist – the more successful the clinical outcomes. So, why not measure this alliance? Hence, the necessity of using MyOutcomes.

In summary, the stronger the Therapeutic Alliance, the higher the clinical outcomes. MyOutcomes can help counselors/ therapists build a stronger connection to their clients with two simple measurement tools – the ORS (Outcome Rating Scale) and the SRS (Session Rating Scale). The simplicity of the tool is paramount, which is why both tools, take less than a minute to complete.

There are many other benefits for a mental health agency:

  • Fewer client drop-outs
  • Shorter wait lists
  • Higher retention of counselors
  • The ability to get funding
  • Become an evidence-based practice

MyOutcomes Stands Out From The Crowd
The reason MyOutcomes stands out from the crowd, is our tools are tried and true. With over 3 million sessions within our software, the survey results are then churned into an algorithm built by Dr. Scott Miller that has been clinically validated.

Also, our signaling system, is not like other surveys given to a client. The questions are clinically validated and given to the client before and after each session. A valuable tool for counselors/therapists.

After You Buy MyOutcomes – Then What?
Implementation and buy-in from your team of counselors is critical. They need to understand the “why” before they start, which is why we sell an eLearning platform with the MyOutcomes software. eLearning can be accessed 24/7. Our OnTrack program is available for larger implementations. As well, It is key to have an ambassador that believes in the measures, and is available for counselors/therapists to ask questions.