What are Psychological Outcomes Measurement Tools?

We’ve heard time and time again, therapy/counseling doesn’t work. At MyOutcomes we believe therapy can work if a psychological outcome measurement tool is used.

What are Psychological Outcomes Measurement Tools?
Firstly, we feel it’s important to understand that therapy without the measurement tools is like providing therapy with sunglasses on. When using tools, the benefits are like the sun coming up over the horizon. Therapists/counselors can finally ascertain how their clients are “really” doing. Giving clients a voice as part of the therapy process is the answer. If you acknowledge this truth, then you are halfway there. The next step is to pick a measurement tool that is clinically tested, one that will give you the insights you need to be an effective counselor. MyOutcomes is a such a tool.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Psychological Outcome Measurement Tools
The benefits are vast. Essentially, measurement tools shed light on the therapy process you otherwise wouldn’t be aware of. By shedding light on how your client is really feeling, counselors/therapists can reach higher clinical outcomes. On the flip side, it signals to a counselor/therapist when therapy is off track. This gives the therapist/counselor the opportunity to help clients by reviewing the tool’s reports and making changes to therapy if it is required.

When things are not going well between a counselor/therapist – it’s unfair to leave the therapist on their own. This is overwhelming and stressful. The MyOutcomes tools can signal the clinical director that a counselor/therapist may need help.

As a result, a psychological outcome measurement tool can: decrease client drop out and counselor burn out, improve clinical outcomes, and increase the ability to get funding.

Psychological tools help an agency become evidence-based.

How To Use Psychological Measurement Tools
Most importantly and a critical point, is to get buy-in from the counselors/therapists.. If a clinical director is having trouble getting buy-in, MyOutcomes has an eLearning platform we suggest making available to their team to increase their awareness of the importance of feedback. After a clinical director gets buy-in from their team, the key is ease of use for both clinicians and clients. The MyOutcomes OnTrack program has been designed to assist clinical directors implement these tools with simplicity and ease.

Is Your Psychological Outcome Measurement Tool Successful?
The true acid test to determine if a tool is effective is whether or not it is being used. Also, is your agency’s clinical effectiveness high? If the answer is yes to both questions, the tool you’ve chosen is right for your agency.