Privacy & Security in the Technological Age

The Electronic Age has brought with it many opportunities. Psychotherapy, especially psychotherapy that’s built around feedback-informed treatment, has richly benefited from much of this new technology. Using these technological advancements in mental health therapy, MyOutcomes® has built a large database for establishing normative data that helps therapists predict the treatment course with rating scales, session by session for each of their clients and make critical adjustments to their treatment plans when needed.

Although security and privacy risks exist, increased awareness, prudence, and technological savvy can go a long way towards keeping the vandals and thieves from the gates. MyOutcomes® takes the protection of client private information and personal data very seriously. MyOutcomes® has worked diligently to master the security and privacy regulations in the various countries where MyOutcomes’® customers may practice. Not only is MyOutcomes® HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant, but MyOutcomes® is compliant with PIPEDA (The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), as well as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

To continually monitor the state of compliance, MyOutcomes® has partnered with Compliance Helper, a powerful tool that helps a company keep its HIPAA policies, procedures, and other documentation up to date. Compliance Helper’s meters allow customers to see at a glance how compliant MyOutcomes® is with its procedures, policies, forms, and regularly scheduled tasks.

But MyOutcomes® is not content with simple compliance. Good security is the key to protecting your privacy. The security strategies that MyOutcomes® uses are far more cutting-edge than what is usually found in a company of comparable size. Even with this level of security, MyOutcomes® is far from content. MyOutcomes® is always looking ahead, ready to integrate the next generation of security that will protect your data. Not only is MyOutcomes® the pacesetter in offering technologically sophisticated tools and support to therapists who believe in evidence-based, feedback-informed practices, but MyOutcomes® is also at the forefront of those companies that are HIPAA compliant.

Of course, security and privacy are only as good as the MyOutcomes’® users make it. Those willing and eager to exploit these systems are not only found using the internet to do so. To protect the privacy of your clients, it is recommended that any device screen is positioned in a manner that makes it difficult for prying eyes to see. If others have access to your device(s), MyOutcomes® also recommends not storing your user id and/or password for automatic login. It is also recommended that you logout of MyOutcomes®, if you aren’t using it or when you leave your desk.

In an age filled with so much uncertainty, MyOutcomes’® existing customers and potential customers can be certain of two things that set MyOutcomes® apart. First, the security and privacy of your clients’ personal information is as important to us as it is to you. Second, MyOutcomes® is prepared to do everything that is needed to ensure personal information remains secure and private.