Since 2008

Our History

For more than 14 years MyOutcomes® team has been dedicated to developing innovations in applied behavioral sciences. Our award-winning team has pioneered the use of intuitive multimedia technology for eLearning, Web 2.0 social groups, advanced reporting metrics and other tools designed to enhance health sciences.

In 2008, MyOutcomes® pioneered the first web-based version of the trans-theoretical Outcome and Session Rating Scales for use in the monitoring and reporting of behavioral healthcare services. MyOutcomes® Team was driven by belief that mental health practitioners need innovative and practical solutions to help them provide superior care to their clients.

We developed MyOutcomes® to arm practitioners with a valid and reliable tool with a demonstrated ability to strengthen client engagement in the clinical setting, increase the number of successful outcomes, and reduce early drop out.

Today, MyOutcomes® is successfully implemented in a wide variety of service settings with diverse clinical populations all over the world. It has an international client base that includes divisions of the U.S. military, government-funded agencies, and some of the world’s largest behavioral-health organizations.

Innovation Timeline


January 3


MyOutcomes V.9 The first PCOMS Web-based outcomes management system with algorithms based on Average Treatment Response.
January 1


MyOutcomes v.10 Partnership with Bruce Wampold, Scott Miller, Takuya Minami and Jesse Owen new advanced behavioral algorithms with more individualized predictive outcomes.
January 1


MyOutcomes® V.15 Advanced reporting functions; Remote Client Access; Group Session Rating Scale; 20 New Languages.
June 1


FIT eLearning Release and Streamline EHR Integration Release
January 1


On Track Program for Successful Implementation Release
January 1


FIT eLearning receives CE credits
January 1


FIT Deliberate Practice elearning Released
January 1

FALL 2019

MyOutcomes® Mobile in-app purchase option.
January 4

FALL 2021

MyOutcomes® Mobile Released on iTunes and Google Play
January 3


MyOutcomes® Mobile available in 8 languages
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