Is Your Therapy/Counselling Effective?

FIT (Feedback-Informed Treatment) tools
indicates your effectiveness and identifies
where you can improve clinical outcomes.

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The Gold Standard Outcome Tracking and Reporting System

…that improves counsellors and therapists performance…

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Feasible, responsive, and advanced outcome reporting platform

Session by session data collection and output reporting designed for diverse patient populations. Practitioner management becomes more transparent and efficient with user integration features and multilevel access for administrators, supervisors, clinicians and clients.

On-Demand Training for Scalable and Sustainable Implementation

Comprehensive, on-demand training designed to help psychotherapist leverage the full capabilities of Feedback-Informed Treament (FIT). FIT eLearning is a new and accelerated way to learn and implement Feedback-Informed Treatment using Evidence-Based tool. Completion of the program can provide 12 CE Units.

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Evidence-Based Practice, with Practice-Based Evidence

Our advanced behavioral algorithms go beyond simply measuring average change. Our powerful reporting capabilities deliver more accurate client outcome reports while our standardized outcome tracking tools provide real-time granular analysis of client improvement. User-friendly dashboards and intuitive consoles offer at-a-glance alerts and allow for comparisons of multiple clients at once.

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The Gold Standard Solution In Outcomes Measurement


Experience the Difference

Why MyOutcomes Works

Easy to Use
Feedback surveys (ORS and SRS) can each be completed in less than a minute
Advanced options
We have experience integrating with EHRs and EMRs.

Scott Miller
Feedback-Informed Treatment

From the comfort of your own home, learn a new effective way to bring your therapy/counselling to the next level by soliciting from your clients usable and valuable feedback that will lead to improved outcomes.
FIT eLearning is an accelerated way to learn and implement Feedback-Informed Treatment. Based on the ground-breaking FIT Evidence-Based Practice, FIT eLearning is designed to help you gain capabilities and confidence regardless of your learning style.

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Leading the way

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MyOutcomes has helped me provide a higher quality of clinical service to clients in my private practice.

Vince Austin-Cole, MSW
New Jersey, United States

MyOutcomes has helped our therapy team improve outcomes by up to 28%. We are now an outcome-based clinic and excited about these improved outcomes.

The Resilient Mind Project
Sally Smith, Kelowna BC Canada
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Since using MyOucomes we have created a culture of Feedback-Informed Treatment that is inspiring a higher level of clinical excelence among our therapist.

The Therapy Group
John Ermal, Austin Texas
The new science of professional development
The new science of professional development
Already an expirenced FIT practitioner? Find out if FIT Deliberate Practice is the next step for you.
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Download MyOutcomes 2018 benchmarking report
Download MyOutcomes 2018 benchmarking report
Powered by advanced behaviour algorithms, find out why top practitioners choose MyOutcomes® over alternatives.
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Record feedback and access it from any mobile device
Record feedback and access it from any mobile device
MyOutcomes® Mobile is free and makes it easy for clients to share their feedback from a tablet or smartphone.
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