Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) — uses measures to solicit feedback about progress and the quality of the therapeutic relationship. FIT is a transtheoretical, evidence-based, approach.

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Learn Feedback-Informed Treatment Best Practices from Scott D. Miller

Whether you’re an individual practitioner or part of a larger organization, FIT eLearning helps you develop a culture of feedback and incorporates the Outcome and Session Rating Scales (ORS & SRS) into your clinical practice.

Take your Practice to the Next Level
Easily adaptable training to fully integrate FIT into your practice or agency.
  • 12 interactive lessons
  • Centered on core FIT competencies
  • Engaging, well-crafted, teachings with Dr. Scott D. Miller
  • Manual 1 – What Works in Therapy: A Primer
  • Manual 2 – Feedback-Informed Clinical Work: The Basics
  • PCOMS Psychometrics and Reporting
  • FIT in Specific Populations

Successful completion of this course yields:

    • Excellent understanding of PCOMS and FIT
    • A meaningful outcome and session rating process for clients
    • Adoption of a simple red, yellow, and green signalling system to keep  sessions on track
    • An ability to map your clinical effectiveness across clients
    • Identification of your professional baseline
    • The ability to measure micro – improvements in future skills growth
    • A certificate for 12 hours of online psychotherapy training in Feedback-Informed Treatment
    • 12 CE Credits (
What your Colleagues are Saying:

"I love the professional quality of the slides and videos –  great work!"

"Dr. Miller’s style is brief, humorous, and to the point."

"The FIT program allowed me to be more focused, write out script, and practice it. I now feel more confident in explaining the ORS."

FIT eLearning is based on the most up-to-date research in talk therapy and behavioral health sciences.
Supporting Excellence in Practice Management

MyOutcomes® FIT eLearning program is centered on the four core competencies developed by Dr. Scott D. Miller and colleagues at the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE). These core competencies encompass the necessary basics for clinicians seeking to improve their outcomes and achieve excellence in their practice using PCOMS.

FIT is not only consistent with, but also operationalizes, the American Psychological Association’s (APA) definition of evidence-based practice.

  • Identify when clients’ trajectories are on or off track
  • Gather formal client feedback on outcome and alliance
  • Have conversations with clients about the meanings behind their scores on the ORS and SRS
  • Improve skills in generating honest client feedback through practice exercises

FIT Encompasses:

“The integration of the best available research […] and monitoring of patient progress (and of changes in the patient’s circumstances [like] job loss or major illness) that may suggest the need to adjust the treatment (e.g., problems in the therapeutic relationship or in the implementation of the goals of the treatment)”

APA Task Force on Evidence-Based Practice, 2006, pp. 273, 276-277.

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