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Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQs

  • How do I recover my ID and/ or password if i forget?

    If you forget your MyOutcomes® password, go to the login page for your region (US, Canada or International) and click the “Forgot Password” link below the login boxes. Manually enter your MyOutcomes® user ID and the email address in your MyOutcomes® profile exactly as they appear and a temporary link for setting/resetting your password will be emailed to you. If you don’t remember your MyOutcomes® User ID and/or the email address in your profile, please contact your supervisor/administrator, or, if a sole practitioner, please contact us at

  • How do I change my password?

    Click “Update ” in the upper-left corner on the console of your Home screen. On the page that opens, select the Change Password link found in the upper-left corner of the page. To complete the change, enter your old password and then your new password in the appropriate fields as seen in the example below. Make sure that your password meets the requirements.

  • How do I print the CSR graph in PDF?

    Click on the Chart/Score/Feedback Print View (PDF) link (highlighted in the example below). A pop-up menu will ask if you wish to open or save the file. Make your selection. This file provides you with the CSR graph, as well as the most recent survey scores and feedback.

    If you wish to import the CSR graph only, click the three bars in the upper-left corner of the CSR.

  • How do I enter ORS/SRS data recorded on paper surveys?

    If you need to enter scores from paper surveys, click on the Paper ORS button (ORS with a square) or on Paper SRS button (SRS with a square) as highlighted in yellow in the illustration below. You can enter subcategory scores or total scores. Remember to select the session date when entering values.

    Although the system will stamp the date you enter onto the datapoint, the program will not rearrange the scores you enter by the date. It is important that session scores are entered in the sequence that they occurred. If you enter a score out of sequence, you will need to change the score(s) and/or date.

    If you enter as the initial ORS any score other than that of the first session, you will need to start over as the initial ORS entry cannot be altered.

  • How do I export my client data?

    The higher your role, the more inclusive will be the data that you can export. Providers can export their client data; supervisors can export some or all of their providers' data, etc. Owners have access to all data.

    Click on the " Stats" link in the upper-left corner of the console on your Home page to access your Aggregate Stats. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click either the Export to Text (.csv) link or the Export to Excel (.xls) link. Your choice depends upon whether you prefer to view the information in a comma separated text file or a Microsoft Excel file.

    Refer to the report below: Example

  • How do I review my most recent client score and feedback?

    Follow the instructions for “How do I print the CSR graph in PDF?”

  • How do I add a parent or other feedback source (collateral rater)?

    Feedback Sources, or Collateral Raters, e.g. parents, teachers, spouses, etc., can provide opportunities to explore the differences and similarities between the client’s and the Feedback Source’s experiences. On the client's console, click the Feedback Sources link in the upper-left corner (see example 1 below). On the Feedback Sources for: page, you will see a list of all current Feedback Sources for this client. Click the Add Feedback Source link on the right side above the table (see example 2 below). Complete the form that opens.

    Enter a unique ID for the Feedback Source (Collateral Rater). If you select 'no' for Display CSR?, the Feedback Sources scores will only appear for the current session. If you select 'yes,' the Feedback Sources scores will track alongside the clients' from session onward. If, in this latter case, the Feedback Source does not attend the session, you will need to use the Skip function, just as you would if the client did not attend.

    Choose a survey that is appropriate for this Feedback Source Type. You can also select a language that differs from the client.

    After the primary client has recorded their ORS/SRS values, you can record the ORS/SRS for the Feedback Source by clicking the Feedback Sources link on the client's console.

  • How do I track a parent or other Feedback Source (Collateral Rater) alongside a primary client?

    On the client's console, click the Feedback Sources link in the upper-left corner of their console. On the Feedback Sources for: < client > page, click the Feedback Source Comparison Graph link in the upper-left corner. On the next page, there will be two graphs, one plotting the ORS and the other plotting the SRS for the client and the Feedback Source(s).

    The Feedback Source Comparison Graph link only appears after a Feedback Source for the client has been added.

  • How do I record when a client completes treatment or leaves provider care?

    On the client's console, click the Deactivate Client link in the upper-left corner of the page. Alternatively, right-click on the client’s user ID in the tree and select Deactivate Client from the drop-down menu.

    Complete the form by selecting the reason for termination of treatment, selecting a date and any other details that may be applicable. The date can either be the current date or any date prior to the current date.

    If you have a Pro account, the list of available reasons for termination can be modified. See Owner functions in the User Guide.

  • How do I reactivate an inactive client?

    To locate an inactive client, check the Show Inactive/Closed checkbox at the top of the Tree View. (If your tree view is hidden, click the green circle to make it reappear.) All inactive/closed client cases in grey, italicized font. Right click on the inactive client that you wish to reactivate and select Reactivate Client from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, click on the client ID to go to the client's console, and then click on the Reactivate Client link in the upper-left corner of the console.

    When reactivating a client, you will be asked to choose a reason for reactivation. If you select Continuation of Prior Episode, the client and all previous data will be reactivated with the CSR picking up where it was left off. If you select the New Service Episode option, the client’s past case will become closed. A new client record will be created with the same profile as from before but with no session information. The newly reactivated client will have an underscore, e.g. _2, number appended to the user ID. This number indicates the number of episodes of care the client has had.

  • How do I delete clients

    As deleting a client (or any account) will result in the loss of their data, we recommend deactivation, rather than deletion, when a client leaves service. Deactivating a client will change their status to inactive, closing their episode of care.

    If you find it necessary to delete a client account, you can do so via the tree or the provider’s home page console. In the tree, right-click the client’s ID and select Delete Client from the drop-down menu. On the console, all of the provider’s active clients are listed. Check the Action box to the left of any client accounts you wish to delete. Below the client list, from the Select Action drop-down menu, select Delete.

  • How do I recover deleted clients?

    If you delete, rather than deactivate, a client and later change your mind, it may be possible to recover the client account. There will be a fee associated with recovering a deleted client. To discuss whether the account can be recovered and to find out pricing, please complete a customer support ticket:

  • How do I correct ORS/ SRS surveys?

    On the client's console, click the Update Past Sessions link that is found immediately above the CSR graph. From the Action column on the left, select from drop-down menu what form of editing you want to do on that row. After making changes, click the green save button on the left.

    To record the reason for altering the ORS and/or the SRS, use the View Note link found on the right side of the row.

    Note: The initial ORS does not have editable fields. If a correction is necessary, you will have to delete and recreate the account, and then re-enter data.

Questions about Telehealth

  • How do I give clients access to the Outcome and Session Rating Scales at home/remotely?

    You can send login credentials to your clientele by logging into your provider account. Click the Give Access button to the left of your client ID in your list of clients.

    On the page that opens, you have options to either

    a) Send Access - which will send a system-generated user ID (the client’s email address) and password to the client’s email.

    b) Direct Access Link – a client specific link will be sent so that they can just click on it to complete the measures, bypassing the login process

    Using these login credentials, your client can log into the web app or mobile app on their browser or login to the free mobile app after downloading it from the App or Google Play Store.

    Whether logging into the web app or mobile app, your clients will be able to complete the scales remotely on their own device.

    For more details, read MyOutcomes Telehealth Solutions guide.

  • Is MyOutcomes set up so a client can complete the ORS prior to each session?

    Yes, you can send them their own login credentials and instruct them to complete the ORS before the session. You can have your client complete the SRS toward the end of the session, the same as when face to face.

    You’ll be able to see their responses in real time in your provider account on your device.

  • My Therapist asked me to sign in. How do I?

    Your therapist would have sent you an email with a login id and password. Using these login credentials, you can log into the MyOutcomes web app or mobile app to complete the scales remotely. Some therapists also include a Direct Access link in the email. When you click on the Direct Access link logging in is bypassed.

  • I want to upload scores I was taking verbally through virtual sessions into the clients profile. How do I do this?

    To manually enter scores that you have collected via the paper version, navigate to the client’s console. Above the CSR, you will see two blue circle icons highlighted for whichever survey (ORS or SRS) is next to be entered. The other survey icons will be faded until the first is completed. One circle is solid. This icon will give you access to the electronic scales. The other icon has a square (paper) shape. This will give you access to manually entering the survey scores. More details are provided in sections 8.3 and 9.3 of the User Guide…a free version of the Guide can be downloaded from within your account.

    If manually entering multiple ORS/SRS scores for an individual client, it is important to enter the surveys in the sequence in which they occurred. The program will stamp the date that you provide on the data point, but it does not reorganize based on the date. Stated differently, enter session 1 survey scores for session 1, then enter session 2, then 3 and so forth. If you make an error, it is fairly easy to correct.

  • I want to adjust what the client sees when they receive the email for their measures

    Click the Give Access button to the left of your client ID in your list of clients.

    On the page that opens, you will see a field to enter an email id (below the phone number field) and an option to checkmark the box ‘Give/Change Client Access’.

    When you click Send Access, a pop up box opens which allows you to input a custom message.

Agency Only Questions

  • What should an administrator/ supervisor do when a provider leaves the Agency?

    If a provider leaves your agency, you should deactivate rather than delete their account. Deactivating the provider will terminate access to MyOutcomes®, while leaving the client data intact. If you delete the account, all data below the provider will be deleted as well.

    Note: Identifying whether the provider has any client data may not be readily apparent as deactivated clients will not be visible. To see deactivated clients, click the Show Inactive/Closed box at the top of the tree view. Active clients, on the other hand, will be listed in the table found on the provider’s console.

    An inactive provider will not be counted in the total number of providers you are using as per your agency’s license agreement.

    You can deactivate a provider by right-clicking the provider’s user ID in the tree view and selecting Deactivate Provider from the drop-down menu.

    If active clients of the provider are to be serviced by a different provider, you can transfer the client accounts to the new provider.

  • How do I Transfer clients to another provider?

    To transfer clients between providers, you will need to be logged in at a level higher than the provider level and that allows you access to both provider accounts.

    To transfer one client, you can right-click on the client’s user ID in the tree. On the Transfer page, use the drop-down menus to select the destination provider and Client Group you wish to transfer the selected client(s) to.

    If you are transferring more than one client from a provider to the same provider, check the box to the left of each client ID in the originating provider’s client list that you wish to transfer. Select Transfer from the Select Action drop-down menu found below the client list. On the Transfer page, use the drop-down menus to select the destination provider and Client Group you wish to transfer the selected client(s) to.

    If you are transferring all of the clients (active and inactive) in a Client Group, you can transfer the Client Group. To do so, right-click on the Client Group ID in the tree and select Transfer Client Group. On the Transfer page, use the drop-down menus to select the destination provider and provider you wish to transfer the selected Client Group to.

  • How do I transfer a Provider to a different Supervisor or transfer a Supervisor to a different Administrator?

    To transfer accounts, you need to be at least one level of access higher than the accounts that you wish to transfer from and transfer to.

    When you transfer an account, you will transfer all of the data below and contained in that account.

    If you are transferring a single account, you can right-click on the user ID in the tree view. Select Transfer Provider (or Supervisor) from the drop-down menu. On the Transfer page, use the drop-down menus to select the destination for the selected supervisor(s) or provider(s).

    An alternative approach is particularly effective for transferring multiple providers (or supervisors) from the same point of origin to the same destination is to navigate to the source supervisor's (or administrator's) Home page. In the list of providers (or supervisors), check the box in the Select column for all providers (or supervisors) that are to be transferred. From the drop-down menu in the Select Action found below the list, select Transfer. On the Transfer page, use the drop-down menus to select the destination for the selected supervisor or administrator. Refer to the picture below:

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